April 18, 2013: Guess That Wag

  • Well it has certainly been a long time coming. This weeks WAG is Claudine Keane, who happens to be the wife of football journeyman and my favorite FIFA 2007 player Robbie Keane. I didn’t know the Irishman was pulling in this kind of heat. She is just throwing out crazy cougar-skank vibes and I’m absolutely digging it. Good for you Robbie.

Claudine Keane Bringing the Heat

March 15, 2013: Buttcheek of the Week

  • Time for another installment of CheeksoftheWeeks Buttcheek of the Week.  We missed last week, so I apologize for that.  I think this week will more than make up for that.  I’ll stop saying week now.So Ashley Cole is a real piece of shit huh?  That Chelski back line loves adultery.  I can’t believe that idiot would cheat on this!  This is Cheryl Cole and she has a butt, that has cheeks, and they’re very nice.  Ass tat!  No wonder the entire country hates him.  Please enjoy this lovely buttcheek.

March 1, 2013: Buttcheek of the Week

  • Time for another installment of CheeksoftheWeeks Buttcheek of the Week.  Theo Walcott has been in the news frequently with his contract negotiations stalling, requests to play as a striker, not being as good as Gareth Bale, etc.  However, I would like to bring to your attention the WAG of Walcott, Melanie Slade.  She’s a bombshell and good for that little guy for getting her.  Pretty solid tush on her as well.  Below is the couple on vacation somewhere sunny and not in England.  Please enjoy this lovely buttcheek.


February 26, 2013

  • Today’s WAG is Georgina Dorsett; the new babys-mama-to-be for Manchester United sensation Tom Cleverly. I literally couldn’t even find a Wikipedia page on her so I don’t even know where she’s from, her age, and what she is famous for but I don’t care at this point. Absolute 10. Not too bad for the 23 year old Cleverly.GEORGINA DORSETT in Bikini

February 5, 2013

  • Today’s WAG is none other than Sports Illustrated model and wife of England International Peter Crouch; Abigail Clancy. The fact that a squid like Peter Crouch can pull in something this serious makes you really wonder about the meaning of life.


Buttcheek of the week

  • This weeks Buttcheek of the week goes to the lovely Antonella Roccuzzo, best known for recently popping out the next great Barcelona #10, Thiago Messi.  Please enjoy this lovely buttcheek.

January 31, 2013

  • Zahia Dehar. This little starlet is best known for being the French Prostitute who slept with Frank Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou during the 2010 World Cup at age 17. Daddy must be so proud.


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