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Ronaldo to Hold Talks with Manchester United

It’s been a pretty slow week in footy news.  There are a few signings here and there, a couple big name moves rumoured to happen, but nothing reeaaaallllll juicy. And then BAM!  We got one.  Spanish newspaper El Pais is … Continue reading

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Latest Transfer Rumour and Gossip Roundup

So we’re coming up on the official start to the 2013 transfer season on July 1st and the rumour mill is CHURNING out all sorts of whispers and sensational swoops.  The usual big players – Chelsea, Barcelona, Man City, Real … Continue reading

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Rooney Not Thinking About Transfer, Confirms He Does Indeed Still Have It

Alright mirons09, I see your Clint Dempsey golazo and raise you a Wayne Rooney thunder-strike. Wayne Rooney has been at the center of probably the biggest transfer rumours over the last few weeks (arguably the last few years).  The disgruntled … Continue reading

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The Bale-to-Real Madrid Rumours Gain Momentum; Also Suarez

Real Madrid has to be the most obnoxious team in terms of transfer window moves. They’re locker room is a constant revolving door of superstars, washed up or in their prime.  I’m pretty sure they only care about selling shirts … Continue reading

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Well, We Can Finally Fill in the Blank; Rooney to PSG

As we covered here in the past (a number of times), there are constant rumours of where and when Wayne Rooney will be making his departure from Manchester United, and to which big European club.  Well, it seems all but … Continue reading

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New Ronaldo Rumours are Swirling

There is news out of The Sun this morning of a fresh race to sign Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United.  Speculation has been strong over the past few months of where Ron will end up this … Continue reading

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