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Your EPL Mid Season Roundup

Sweet Baby Jesus its been a while! I’m not even going to get into the apologizes and whatnot of explaining why we haven’t been updating the site regularly as of late. We’ve got jobs people; horrible, horrible jobs. That being … Continue reading

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Fergie is Sent Off With a Win at Old Trafford

Manchester United already locked up their 20th league title, and 13th in the Premier League era, about three weeks ago so the last remaining games are really just a walk through. ┬áBut yesterday was Sir Alex Ferguson’s final home game … Continue reading

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Gareth Bale Continues to be Gareth Bale

You would think that after two weeks in the doldrums of international play, maybe Gareth Bale would cool off a bit? But then today vs. Swansea in the 21st minute, Bale was all “Nah fuck that shit” and put Tottenham … Continue reading

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Did Jose Enrique Just Get Cheeky?

I’m so confused right now. Give him a wide open teammate 10 yards away and he’ll drill the ball directly into the defenders cleats, but throw him in a situation where he is charging a tight space and has the … Continue reading

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