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So Did Anything Strange or Bizarre Happen in the EPL This Weekend?

And the Award for Best Suarez Comment on Twitter goes to none other than CNN’s chubby Piers Morgan:

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Joey Barton Weekly Twitter Beef: Piers Morgan/Margaret Thatcher/Marseille

              Our favorite twitter badboy is at it again!! In a matter of hours, Joey B successfully attacked Piers Morgan, Margaret Thatcher and Marseille. Clearly the most entertaining battle was with Piers Morgan, who … Continue reading

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Arsene Wenger’s 2012-2013 Summed Up in One GIF

Really doesn’t get more real than this. A 4th place finish just slipped through his fingers, they are about to get Sandusky’d by Bayern in the Champions League; and lets be serious, he will not be returning to the Emirates … Continue reading

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