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Your EPL Mid Season Roundup

Sweet Baby Jesus its been a while! I’m not even going to get into the apologizes and whatnot of explaining why we haven’t been updating the site regularly as of late. We’ve got jobs people; horrible, horrible jobs. That being … Continue reading

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Well That Was a Swift Kick to the Balls

What if Johnson didn’t deflect that first goal? What if Sterling never came off the pitch? What if Countinho had fouled them on the counter? What if Henderson wasn’t suspended for 3 games on a stupid tackle? What if Gerrard … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

Jesus Christ that took a while. It’s been a pretty wild couple of months. Work life finally kicked all three of us in the ass and we’re all 100% cube monkeys for life at this point. But there are some … Continue reading

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Sturridge Just Sturridge Dancing in the Streets with Fans These Days

No big deal, just Sturridge doing Sturridge in the streets of Liverpool with one lucky fan. In time I can see the Sturridge Dance turning into the new Macarena, just gotta give it some time. Pretty cool of him to … Continue reading

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Oh No Jordan Henderson Didn’t

Cheeky bastard!! And just like that, we have our new front runner for the CotW Cheek of the Week (that’s really redundant, I know) and this one is just obnoxious. Look who finally figured out how to finish! Jordan Henderson … Continue reading

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Pepe Who?

Well Mr. Mignolet, that’s one way to make a first impression. Welcome to fuckin’ Anfield guy. Sweet Jesus! I love the shit out of this team, but they are literally going to put me into an early grave via heart … Continue reading

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LFC Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place with Suarez

Deadspin: Liverpool fans are saying that Suárez isn’t showing loyalty, but let’s dispense with the idea that an athlete who was bought by a club and therefore can be sold at any time should or even can have loyalty approaching … Continue reading

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John Henry and Liverpool Brass Don’t Like Naughty Words

Fox Soccer: Liverpool have issued their staff with guidelines detailing unacceptable words and phrases in a bid to eradicate discrimination. The club have produced a handbook which highlights common slurs against race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability which the club want … Continue reading

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Stewart Downing Set for West Ham Move?

Daily Mail: West Ham are lining up a bid for Liverpool winger Stewart Downing as Sam Allardyce looks to rebuild his Hammers side. Downing would become the London club’s second arrival from Anfield this summer after Andy Carroll completed a … Continue reading

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Lord Voldermort Taking Dark Magic to Swansea

But seriously, you guys, it looks like a done deal in a move by Swansea to pick up Jonjo Shelvey from Liverpool in a £6m bid.  The young cancer patient midfielder had enjoyed some success at Liverpool, and still only 21 years … Continue reading

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