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Jordan Henderson and Philippe Coutinho Just Stole Your Girl

  I’ve gotta say that if I have to chose¬†1 as my favorite, it’s going to Henderson and that’s mostly because I didn’t see it coming. Typically when Hendo shoots my immediate reaction is ‘palm to forehead,’ so this was … Continue reading

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Coutinho to Accept Massive Dry Cleaning Bill as He Soils Half of Europes Underpants

That sound you just heard was nearly all of Europe crapping their pants¬†simultaneously. Just destroying the R2 and right joystick. Count ’em; not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 players were just humiliated (counting the keeper) with … Continue reading

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It Might Be Premature But LFC Will Win the EPL Next Season

Yeah, I might be going out on a long, not so sturdy, beehive infested limb here but I’m calling it now, the reemergence of LFC as a dominant force in Europe begins this August and I’m getting pretty damn excited … Continue reading

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