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Jordan Henderson and Philippe Coutinho Just Stole Your Girl

  I’ve gotta say that if I have to choseĀ 1 as my favorite, it’s going to Henderson and that’s mostly because I didn’t see it coming. Typically when Hendo shoots my immediate reaction is ‘palm to forehead,’ so this was … Continue reading

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Coutinho to Accept Massive Dry Cleaning Bill as He Soils Half of Europes Underpants

That sound you just heard was nearly all of Europe crapping their pantsĀ simultaneously. Just destroying the R2 and right joystick. Count ’em; not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 players were just humiliated (counting the keeper) with … Continue reading

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It Might Be Premature But LFC Will Win the EPL Next Season

Yeah, I might be going out on a long, not so sturdy, beehive infested limb here but I’m calling it now, the reemergence of LFC as a dominant force in Europe begins this August and I’m getting pretty damn excited … Continue reading

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