Top Cheeks

Douglas Costa Freekick Golazo vs Zenit St Petersberg (6/27/2013)

My Girl Wants to Totti All The Time

Hamit Altintop let’s us all know that he does, indeed, still play footy

Jose Enrique with a sneaky backheel cheek to Suarez: Onionbags

Stevie G shows us how he got his groove/groin back

This has to be my top cheek of the past week.  Queue RVP…

Some cheeky work here for sure from Ronaldinho.  Watch the full video for an explanation of how this was so cheeky.

Goalkeepers can produce some classy cheek as well

RVP Cheeky Skill vs. Real Madrid

A Little Team Cheek from United between Rafael, Welbeck, and Kagawa Against Wigan in January

It Takes Incredible Cheek to Pull Off This Scorpion Goal from Doxa Katokopias FC(?)’s Ricardo Fernandes

A little bit of throwback John O’Shea (yes, John O’Shea) cheek:

Suarez demonstrating his cheeky skill set.

RVP Nutmeg Cheeek vs Southampton

Kagawa cheeky turn vs Southampton (0:18)

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