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Jordan Henderson and Philippe Coutinho Just Stole Your Girl

  I’ve gotta say that if I have to chose 1 as my favorite, it’s going to Henderson and that’s mostly because I didn’t see it coming. Typically when Hendo shoots my immediate reaction is ‘palm to forehead,’ so this was … Continue reading

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FIFA Continues Tradition of Being a Giant Bag of Dicks

BBC – Fifa says it will not pay compensation to clubs and leagues unhappy about plans to play the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November and December. It also said no apology was necessary for the scheduling of the tournament, … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

17 seasons. 695 total club appearances. 180 club goals. Legend. Has he lost a step? Yes. Does he fit into the new 5-2-3 system at Anfield? No. Will he be missed? You fuckin’ better believe it. The lad from Merseyside who signed … Continue reading

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Your EPL Mid Season Roundup

Sweet Baby Jesus its been a while! I’m not even going to get into the apologizes and whatnot of explaining why we haven’t been updating the site regularly as of late. We’ve got jobs people; horrible, horrible jobs. That being … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In the J. League

Well isn’t life just peachy over in Japan? People all around the world are sweating the results from the EPL and La Liga final matches but not these guys. Zero fucks to give down in Japan right now. Literally looks … Continue reading

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Here is a Very Important GIF of Podolski Playing Head Tennis with a Sea-Lion

Okay yeah whatever, Manchester City to win the title and blah blah blah; but all I’m caring about today is Lukas Podolski squaring off with this sea-lion in some head tennis. Look at the handle on this sea-lion. Stall city … Continue reading

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Well That Was a Swift Kick to the Balls

What if Johnson didn’t deflect that first goal? What if Sterling never came off the pitch? What if Countinho had fouled them on the counter? What if Henderson wasn’t suspended for 3 games on a stupid tackle? What if Gerrard … Continue reading

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CotW Vote: Ibra for the Ballon D’Or

Here’s your dose of Ibraporn. With all the talk about the Ballon D’Or award going to either Messi, Ronaldo or Ribery, I wanted to put in the CotW vote for our main man Ibrahimovic. Now, CotW hasn’t been recognized by … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

Jesus Christ that took a while. It’s been a pretty wild couple of months. Work life finally kicked all three of us in the ass and we’re all 100% cube monkeys for life at this point. But there are some … Continue reading

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Ibra Single Handedly Brought CotW Back

Deadspin: The newest exhibition of the Almighty’s omnipotence comes from today’s Champions League match between PSG and Anderlecht. Not content that his previous two goals in the contest elicited the requisite levels of awe, Zlatan decided to unleash upon the globe … Continue reading

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