We’re Back!

Jesus Christ that took a while. It’s been a pretty wild couple of months. Work life finally kicked all three of us in the ass and we’re all 100% cube monkeys for life at this point. But there are some perks to the cube monkey life, one for example, is that during the week of Christmas, you literally just twiddle your thumbs at your desk until its time to go home, but instead of twiddling thumbs, we’re going to troll the living shit out of the past 3 months in the world of footy (mostly EPL because the other leagues, sans the Bundesliga, are for the birds)

Lets take a look at the table….

table 2lolWell well well would you look at that!! Liverpool and Co, the team that I once called a sinking ship, has corrected its path and has left the rest of the EPL in ruins in its wake. Honestly, they are SMASHING IT right now. More to come on this team later, but I’ll leave you with a little taste of whats to come with this Luis Suarez 2013-2014 Goal Compilation, I hope you brought lubriderm and a stack of tissues. (fast forward to the 1:00 to avoid the classic uber gay sentimental euro video editing nerd intro)

Lets take a look at the rest of the EPL. Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea are all stacked at the top of the table with Liverpool and at any moment could leapfrog one another. I’m thinking there will be some serious shuffling in the top 4 for the remainder of the season. Manchester City is DANGEROUS right now. A 31 GD going into the Christmas break is absolutely bananas, and they haven’t lost one game at the terrorist funded Etihad Stadium, which will surely change on Boxing Day when the top seeded Red’s come to town. The only thing I’m scared of in that matchup is Kolarov, the guys a fucking psychopath.

And how about Manchester United!! LOLing all over my desk on this one. Looks like Moyes’ Boys have some work cut out for them if the want to make the Europa League next year, let alone the Champions League.


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