Ibra Single Handedly Brought CotW Back

zlatanDeadspin: The newest exhibition of the Almighty’s omnipotence comes from today’s Champions League match between PSG and Anderlecht. Not content that his previous two goals in the contest elicited the requisite levels of awe, Zlatan decided to unleash upon the globe a third that should cement in our minds his place as deity.

From a fairly slow build up, Marco Veratti finds a deep-lying Ibrahimovic for a pass just into Anderlecht’s half. Ibra spots Maxwell in space out wide and flicks the ball to him. Maxwell attempts a cross onto the surging run of Ezequiel Lavezzi but that is cut out by the Anderlecht defense.

Okay Ibra, fine, I’ll do it. I’ll come out of my lazy ass slumber and blog about how you basically just made the entire planet bust a nut on this ridiculous golazo from today’s Champions League matchup against Anderlecht.

I also came very close to writing the exact same words on Sunday afternoon after he scored this mind fuck goal vs. Bastia, but I got too drunk and then depressed at the Patriots/Jets game to do anything that wasn’t directly involved with moving into the fetal position and having a solid cry.

I guess that you can say that Ibra is having a deeeecent week? Amirite? Aside from the lazershow that he put on in today’s champions league fixture, he scored 3 other goals; no big deal. I feel kinda weird about it, but I’m seriously contemplating getting a long sleeve Ibra PSG kit. Just look at that thing, dripping with sex. Does that make me a bandwagon jumper? Absolutely. Can kind of sell it off as “Oh yeah, I went to Paris once and really fell in love with the city?” Probably not. But do you know what? I couldn’t give two shits. Ibra is so hot right now, Ibra.

PS. Sorry for the month long hiatus.

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