We at COTW apologize for the lack of posts lately. I think we are all slammed with work at our full time jobs, not to mention the international break not helping our cause. Nevertheless, no excuse for missing Deadline Day and rounding up Super Sunday. I think we all know what happened (Huge Liverpool win over United, Arsenal embarrassing a brand new Tottenham team full of signings with their depleted squad), and obviously I can’t wait for Saturday to see this man in an Arsenal kit.

Not going to review every signing because we are well past that, but obviously Ozil was the highlight of the day. Fellaini to United was a HUGE move that we had all been expecting, and Rooney/Ba/Suarez all stayed put. Liverpool made a couple of nice signings as well in Sakho and Ilori to bulk up the defense.

..but seriously, OZIL!!! So fucking pumped. Obviously Madrid is unleashing a joke of a smear-campaign on him now that they realized how stupid it was to let him go, saying his off-the-pitch lifestyle was affecting his play. Eat shit.

In other news, USA is officially going to Brazil next summer, after a massive win over Mexico in Columbus. It was a shaky start, but the second half proved to be the difference. MOTM Eddie Johnson played a great game, netting the first goal with a phenomenal header, beasting the whole defense. Following that, Donovan scored after a great short cross from Diskerud that found him perfectly in front of goal. We’re just not going to talk about Dempsey missing the PK. They are on fire right now. CAN’T WAIT to see this squad at full strength.

My favorite part was watching the USMNT celebrate the best way Americans know how to celebrate a patriotic victory: chanting USA and literally chugging beers. FUCKING AMERICA. I love my country.


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