Legia Warsaw Ultras Are Insane

Yahoo Sports: A 2-2 draw in the second leg of the Champions League playoff between Legia Warsaw and Steaua Bucharest put the aggregate score at 3-3 and allowed the visitors to advance to the the group stage on away goals. Before the match, Legia fans were more focused on another adversary, though: competition organizers UEFA.

Earlier this month, UEFA ordered the Polish champions to pay a €30,000 fine and close the north stand of their stadium — home to the club’s troublemaking ultras — for Tuesday’s match as punishment for racist behavior during their second qualifying round tie against Welsh club The New Saints FC. So prior to the second-leg match aignast Steaua, Lega supporters choreographed a large display in the club’s colors that spelled out “UEFA Ultra Extreme Fanatical Atmosphere” with a heart as a background. It then disintegrated into an orgy of flares that told the administrative body exactly how they felt about the sanctions.

Hey Seattle Sounders and the Emerald City Supporters, hold Legia Warsaw’s jock real quick cause you just got beasted and they weren’t even trying. They’ve probably never even heard of Seattle. They’re beef was with that fat cats down at UEFA who decided to hand the defending Polish Champions a €30,000 fine for their fans creating an extreme fanatical atmosphere and more generally speaking for being insanely racist in a previous match against Wales side The New Saints back in July.

Now racism in footy isn’t something that we support here at CotW, unless we’re talking about Gareth Bale looking like a monkey, but he’s white and just so happens to very much resemble a monkey, so I’m not even going to consider that racism, I mean just look at him:

monkeys-that-look-like-bale-02-550x275Even though we would like to see Legia Warsaw clean up their act a little bit and downplay the racism, you gotta respect the show that they put on yesterday and the big middle finger to the UEFA Board that this act represents. I also love how that included the “Extreme Fanatical Atmosphere” UEFA complaint in their display. Top notch. Attending a Polish League footy match has now officially been added to the bucket list.

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