Oh No Jordan Henderson Didn’t

Cheeky bastard!! And just like that, we have our new front runner for the CotW Cheek of the Week (that’s really redundant, I know) and this one is just obnoxious. Look who finally figured out how to finish! Jordan Henderson coming in HOT and stamping a helpless defender’s ticket to Nutmeg City, all while putting the final nail in Notts County’s Capital One Cup coffin in extra time.

I know that this competition is a complete joke, but this is the kind of swagger I want to see out of Henderson every week (especially this week again Manchester United). The Anfield faithful might have pulled the trigger a bit early a few seasons ago when they started calling him the next Steven Gerrard, but today’s goal was the first time that I can honestly say that he truly looked Gerrard-esque.


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