EPL Week 1 in review

And there we have it, week 1 in the books and it feels like life is back to normal.  I once again have something to look forward to on weekends, which makes each weekday slightly more bearable.  You’ve already gotten the the wrap up on the Arsenal and Liverpool games from those two other jamokes at this site, so I figured I’d give a quick wrap up on the rest of the big games of the weekend.

Swansea 1 – 4 Manchester United
First and foremost, lets touch on that lovely display of football from the champions – Manchester United.  Some people, including yours truly, had some questions about the 13-time EPL champs coming into this season.  A new manager and basically no signings for the squad left a lot to be desired coming into week 1.  But, David Moyes’ boys proved there was nothing to be worried about routing Swansea at the Liberty Stadium 1 – 4.  Robin Van Persie and fellow striker Danny Welbeck both netted a brace, with Welbeck already doubling his goal tally from last season.

Chelsea 2 – 0 Hull Tigers
To just about no one’s surprise, Jose Mourinho’s return to Stamford Bridge got off to a good start and everyone wants to get their panties in a bunch over him.  I have a pretty big fear of this Chelsea squad this year, but this result was a little bit less than I expected.  It was clinical and I don’t think Chelsea were every really challenged, but after seeing both Manchester clubs put up a 4-spot against their opponents this week, it makes Chelsea look a bit inferior in my opinion.  All that being said, it was Chelsea all the way and their still probably the squad to beat.  Highlights here.  Plus there was this from Lamps:

Manchester City 4 – 0 Newcastle United
Yeeesh, this was rough for Le Toon.  I tried to watch most of this while sitting at my desk, flipping back and forth to the NBC Sports feed trying not to be too obvious I wasn’t doing any work.  Anytime I heard Martin Tyler start to lose his shit, which was frequent, I would flip back only to see Man City either scoring or coming close to scoring.  This team has a ton of talent and it’s scary.  It was the usual suspects for City yesterday, Toure, Dzeko, Silva, Aguero, etc., getting most of the action and goals.  It was over pretty early, but when Newcastle went down to 10-men on a somewhat questionable red card it was certainly over.  A couple crackers from City though, to be fair, especially this from Toure:

Full match highlights here.

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Yes, I'm a Man United fan and no, I didn't jump on the bandwagon 4 years ago. I've been a lifelong fan, born in the Manchester area and moved to the US as a young boy. Currently living in Boston, MA.
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