Pepe Who?

Well Mr. Mignolet, that’s one way to make a first impression. Welcome to fuckin’ Anfield guy. Sweet Jesus! I love the shit out of this team, but they are literally going to put me into an early grave via heart failure if they keep up with these shinannigans.

HomerheartIt felt like a typical Liverpool game. Fantastic buildups and movement with no finishes (looking at you Jordan Henderson) and massive amounts of frustration (also looking at you Jordan Henderson). And then in the 37th minut Daniel Sturridge took Stoke to Nutmeg City with the first goal of the EPL season and Liverpool went into the half with a 1-0 lead. Get your dance on Danny!!

The entire second half, my muttering of “one more goal” turned into shouting fits of rage, because in the past, they’ve kiiinda been known to blow one goal leads late against sides from the bottom half of the table. My biggest nightmares were almost realized in the 89th minute with Daniel Agger made an idiotic handball play in the box, leading to a Jonathan Walter penalty. At this point, I was almost at the aneurysm level on the rage scale. Another opportunity squandered, another heartbreaking season opener.

….but no no my friend, new Liverpool Keeper/Hero/Legend/Stud/Sex Symbol Simon Mignolet makes one of the best saves on a penalty that I’ve seen in years to lock up the win for Liverpool and put them at the top of the table (for the next 2 hours) for the first time in what feels like decades. This is the kind of thing that makes waking up at 7am and being 4 Magner’s deep by 9:30am worth it. So freggin’ happy that the EPL is back. Now sit back and enjoy the rest of you weekend matches, you’ve earned it.

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