Arsenal lose 3-1 to Aston Villa


That was incredibly depressing. Such high hopes in the beginning after the phenomenal buildup and passing to the Giroud goal:

Then this happens:

That gave Koscielny his first yellow and the second Benteke PK-this GIF doesn’t do it justice but he literally got all ball on his first touch. It was a joke.

After that, another Koscielny yellow brought Arsenal down to 10 men, and it was basically all over from there. The ref was terrible, but can’t blame the loss on that. Arsenal just could not get it done, even while they dominated possession, as is tradition, with 64%. To make matters worse, Sagna and Gibbs both got injured-this team is so thin. Wenger needs to make a signing this week.

YEEESHH…how’s your neck Bacary?

One great positive to look at is (other than a missed sitter) Rosicky was absolutely perfect today. Him and Wilshere both were all over the field creating options.

Apparently the chants echoing throughout the stadium as all the fans headed for the exit were “Spend some fucking money.” Are you listening Wenger? They literally have not spent one penny the whole summer, and are one of the wealthiest clubs in the EPL. 22 players out, 1 player in for free. What the hell is going on?

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