Cristiano Ronaldo: Kind of the man?

It’s no secret, I love Cristiano Ronaldo.  Ever since I saw him play at Old Trafford over 9 years ago, he’s always been one of my favorite players.  He’s got the flair that keeps the eyes on him, and the skill to back it up.  Back then he was a bit of an obnoxious player, dancing down the sideline doing 32 unnecessary step-overs before not passing the ball and coughing it up.  But he has matured since those days and is clearly one of the best and most influential players in the game.

With this success and fame comes a lot of responsibility.  Ronaldo and his Real Madrid teammates are on their American pre-season tour and it wrapped up last night with an International Cup final game against Chelsea in Miami, Florida.  Miami, if you don’t know, is the worst.  Florida in general is pretty much the worst, and the Miami-Dade county is the breading ground for the majority of these idiots.  So, naturally, someone ran on the field during the game last night heading straight for superstar Ronaldo.  And Ronaldo’s reaction is pure class act.  He embraces the fan who just wants to say a few words and shower him in hugs and kisses, before handing him over to stadium security.  Hope the beating he receives underneath the stands was worth that hug.

Class act from Ronaldo.  Florida continues to be the worst.

About ajbg

Yes, I'm a Man United fan and no, I didn't jump on the bandwagon 4 years ago. I've been a lifelong fan, born in the Manchester area and moved to the US as a young boy. Currently living in Boston, MA.
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