Counterpoint: A take on the Suarez situation from an Arsenal supporter

Well now that mirons09 has chimed in with his opinion regarding Suarez from the Liverpool side of things, I figured it is a good opportunity to get an Arsenal fan’s perspective. Not like I’m saying anything groundbreaking here, but what the hell.

After Suarez’s first official interview and take on the whole transfer saga, and what he has been promised and wants to do, etc; it is clear that he should NOT be putting on the Liverpool shirt ever again. How can you come back from that? What is the deal with Henry and Rodgers, how can you be this stubborn? John, what the fuck are YOU smoking, you piece of shit?

….p.s. Thanks for ’04 and ’07 John.

This is basically the same situation as last year after Van Persie came out last year that he wants to leave and needs to win trophies. What are we going to do, hold him hostage? Would you want him back after that, after he has clearly said he doesn’t want to be there? No, he doesn’t deserve to wear the jersey. Let the guy go and get some serious cash out of it. Grow up and swallow your pride. Shit happens, the club didn’t perform and he wants out. Clearly Suarez (and Van Persie; that cunt) don’t understand the word loyalty, but this is just how footy is. My favorite player on the club is Wilshere, one reason being for how he has expressed multiple times how he has undying loyalty to Arsenal. You have to love players like that. Like Gerrard.

Suarez himself: I have always disliked Suarez. I don’t like how he dives. I can’t stand his controversial history, the racism, the cannibalism, the forced exits out of Ajax and Liverpool. Now you put this aside and what do you have? One of the top 5 goalscorers in the world at the moment, entering his prime at age 26. Just can’t deny his talent. Therefore, I and millions of other Arsenal fans would have to set aside our issues with his character (or lack thereof) and simply cheer on all the amazing goals he would score…maybe not for Suarez specifically-but for goals. Arsenal needs a RUTHLESS goalscorer. Just would have to look past him being a nutjob and his history and hope and pray Wenger and the club can change him.

Final point-if this doesn’t happen, I still think Arsenal will be fine and make top 4. This is a very solid team and will be even better this year, just not sure if they are good enough to challenge Chelsea, United, and City for the title without a big signing or two. The fact that everything else fell apart this transfer window is just so typical, and now they have to put all their eggs into the Suarez basket. It’s frustrating. But if this doesn’t happen, there will be EXTREME backlash. Between all of the player comments about bringing in players, the failed Higuain bid, Gazidis publicly declaring they can afford anybody’s wages, that Wenger has all the money he needs to spend this window…it could get ugly, and probably for the manager himself.

In closing, Rodgers/Henry-you got no offers elsewhere. Madrid is all in on Bale. Bayern has stated they are ‘done’ for the summer. (Good article on this: I get that you don’t want to sell him to a rival, but it happens all the time. You have a player who wants out and a chance to get 40,000,000 for it. Take the deal.

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