Are Manchester United losing their appeal to sign top players?

Manchester United won their 20th league title last season.  They’ve won 2 Champions League titles in the last 14 years. They are the most valuable sports franchise in the world.  They are clearly one of the best and most popular football clubs in the world.  No one can argue that.  So why the fuck can’t they attract top international players?



I’m not trying to complain here.  Like I said, United won the league last year and not much has changed in terms of player personnel this off season, so why shouldn’t they be up there again this year?  And I’m not saying they won’t.  But, there seems to be an increasing fear among Manchester fans that we are losing our international appeal to sign top players. Thiago decided to go to Bayern Munich – which is understandable if he’s looking to rejoin Pep Guardiola.  Cavani has joined PSG; and United were never really in the hunt for him, nor needed to be.  And now it appears that Cesc Fabregas is set to stay at his boyhood club Barcelona.

Herein lies that panic.  Now that we are getting close to the start of the season (thank god), United have not yet made a splash in the transfer market where they clearly need to beef up something in their midfield.  There has long been a need for a fresh face in the center of the midfield to quarterback the offense.  And now it’s starting to look like United are grasping at straws to get someone, anyone, to sign with the club.

Enter Luka Modric, stage left.  The Croatian midfield was on United’s radar last year before he made the moronic move to go to Real Madrid where, surprise surprise, he did not feature too prominently in their starting XI and failed to make an impact (Hey, Gareth Bale: take notes).  So now, as United have exhausted all other options with no success, Modric is back on the shopping list.

It wouldn’t be the worst move, in my opinion, and for the right price he’s probably still an above average midfielder.  But I think at this point United should stick to their young players and what they’ve currently got.  Winter signing Wilfreid Zaha should have a pretty strong impact in his first season in the Premier League, and their is a wealth of talent coming up in the academy with the likes of Adnan Januzaj in midfield and Jessie Lingard as an attacking midfielder/forward.  So stick to what you’ve got right now Mr. Moyes, and don’t make a summer signing just for the sake of making a summer signing.

About ajbg

Yes, I'm a Man United fan and no, I didn't jump on the bandwagon 4 years ago. I've been a lifelong fan, born in the Manchester area and moved to the US as a young boy. Currently living in Boston, MA.
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