Someone Please Freeze me Until August 17th

cartmanfreezeAhh, summer time and the livings easy, amirite? Beaching and pools all day, drinking excessively, grilling, playing golf daily, chasing tail, staying out all night, chilling, hanging out with your buddies; my only question is what the hell happened? This time last year I was KILLING it on a string of bachelor party trips, getting out of work early, golfing like it was my job, grilling etc. I don’t think I’ve left work at 5pm more than twice this month, this God awful month that is known as July 2013. Record breaking heat waves? Sweet. Getting buried at work? Awesome. Having no time at all to blog about all of the footy transfer news and shinanigans? Sign me up! LFC is in shambles and I don’t even have time to get on my soap box and blog about it. Literally the only thing keeping me going at this point is the fact that the EPL season kicks off in 22 days.

hangintherecatPlease enjoy the following GIFs which I think capture how we here at CotW have felt during this overworked month of July. We thank or loyal fans who surprising kept coming to our page even though we have been slacking lately in the content department.

And here’s how I feel when I realize that the EPL kickoff is less than a month away:

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