USA wins 1-0 against Costa Rica in Gold Cup, COTW on the scene

I was able to take in the Gold Cup match last night between USA and Costa Rica at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT. Now, I know this is obviously not a big game, both teams did not have full starters out there, etc. but the ‘rivalry’ and intensity was there after the last controversial game the USMNT won in the snow against Costa Rica in March.

View from my seats.

View from my seats.

The atmosphere was unreal at this game; I was so surprised to see the stadium almost at full capacity, and even more surprised at the number of Costa Rica fans. Where the hell did all of these people come from? I’m pretty sure if I heard one more chant of “OLE OLE OLE OLE, TICO, TICO” I was about to incite a brawl. Tons of people were getting thrown out fighting all game.

The USA fans were awesome. I have to say, this group the American Outlaws was phenomenal. ( The chants, the flags and banners, the supporters were top-notch.

Like I said, obviously this was NOT a big game, but I have not experienced a USA match/game live of any sport before and you really can’t explain the type of pride you feel when there are 20,000 fans all chanting U-S-A. The moment when Brek Shea broke away on a counter attack after a crazy save by Johnson, and the beautiful pass from Donovan, the place just kept building up…until it EXPLODED. I have been to a lot of sports games in my life and this was one of the loudest moments in recent memory. I found this video on the American Outlaws twitter feed that can at least capture some of it:

It was just an incredible feeling. America.

PS. In other news, as I am the Arsenal supporter on this site-fuck this noise. If Wenger misses out on all other targets that have been hyped for months (see: Rooney, Fellaini, Suarez, HIGUAIN, who Napoli are now looking at hijacking) there needs to be some fucking answers. Unacceptable. I’m still holding faith that he will make something happen. But I am so sick of hearing all the talk of signing world-class players every year and we all know THEY HAVE THE MONEY but just can’t/won’t make anything happen. Now we have all of the players talking about how they can’t wait until they sign any of these players, ‘it’s about time’ from Arteta, etc. Wenger really can’t fuck this up now. Please.


wenger 1

wenger 2

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