Buttcheek of the Week

Time for another installment of CheeksoftheWeeks Buttcheek of the Week.  Sorry I’m a little late with this one today, but it’s been a busy week and I’ve been scraping the barrel for some butt pics of WAGs lately.  But if nothing else, writing for this blog has taught me to be a ferocious troll.  So I will troll on.

Due to such trolling efforts, I have been able to grace all of us with another WAG buttcheek for this Friday.  It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a buttcheek, but it’s a WAG in a bikini and there is at least a hint of buttcheek so it qualifies for me.  Here we have Stevie G’s wife, Alex, making a first appearance on BCotW.  As football stars are coming back from their vacations, their wives and girlfriends are accumulating the stupid amounts of pictures they all took and sharing them across social medias.  Alex Gerrard was kind enough to share this photo of her and some other chick while on vacation, and if it’s not a great butt shot it’s at least a great bod shot.  Please enjoy this lovely (sort of) butt cheek.

Buttcheek of the week is a weekly segment in which we focus on WAG buttcheeks.  Because after all, this is Cheeks of the Week.

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Yes, I'm a Man United fan and no, I didn't jump on the bandwagon 4 years ago. I've been a lifelong fan, born in the Manchester area and moved to the US as a young boy. Currently living in Boston, MA.
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