Buttcheek of the Week

Time for another installment of CheeksoftheWeeks Buttcheek of the Week.  I hate to do this and go back to back weeks of the same cheek, but who can resist Abbey Crouch? She’s been on vacation and this is high season for butt shots, so I had to do it.  Plus there’s bonus footage for you at the end.

Looks like our favorite WAG has been on vacation in Ibiza recently and usually with vacation comes bikini’s, and when you have bikini’s you usually have butt cheeks. Husband and wife Peter and Abbey Crouch looked to be spending some quality time on the beaches and out on the city for some late night activity.  Your standard butt shot is below, and the bonus footage is Crouch being an absolute goon, as is tradition.  The video starts with Abbey on his shoulders, followed by some weird dancing.  Then he goes into some serious hat dance thing, I’m not really sure what it is, then gets his groove on to some Coldplay before finally finishing it off with a mean beat drop.  Classic Crouch.  Please enjoy this lovely butt cheek.

Buttcheek of the week is a weekly segment in which we focus on WAG buttcheeks.  Because after all, this is Cheeks of the Week.

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Yes, I'm a Man United fan and no, I didn't jump on the bandwagon 4 years ago. I've been a lifelong fan, born in the Manchester area and moved to the US as a young boy. Currently living in Boston, MA.
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