Sweden-Denmark Hooligan Fight

(h/t BarstoolSports)

Awesome video. Hooligans just going the fuck at it. Shirtless dudes really just got dominated, didn’t even stand a chance.

I would love to join in on an all out brawl like this and go nuts, but I’d probably be knocked unconscious in about 5 seconds if we’re being real here. These guys eat, sleep, and breathe this shit. I feel like in America at tailgates for football games we have bros in Affliction t-shirts yelling ‘HOLD ME BACK BRO!’ and getting in bullshit fights after having a few too many Bud Lights, whereas over in Europe we see this type of crazy shit going down as a warmup to a match.




That should keep any of you cube dwellers out there busy for a little while, feel free to go off on a YouTube tangent, I know I am now..

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