Fox Soccer Poll: Team USA To Win 2014 World Cup

fullretardSo yesterday during an extreme footy trolling session, I stumbled upon the Fox Soccer website, where I found an interesting poll on the right side of the page, asking the ever so important looming question of “Who do you think will lift the trophy in Brazil’s 2014 World Cup?” (pictured below)

foxsoccerpollbeforeInstantly, I was engaged and pondering the possible outcomes. Picking Brazil, Spain or Germany would basically make me feel like the girl who always seems to pick the Number 1 seeds in the NCAA tournament to make the Final Four; so I instantly axed that idea. I’m a Darkhorse kind of guy, so that basically limited my options to England or “Other” (I’m a big Uruguay guy, Darkhorse City) so naturally, because I’m an EPL homer, I went with England to win it all just for shits-n-gigs, ya know? Well once I put in my vote and saw the results, my face looked a little bit like this:

confused-faceSee the results for yourself:

foxsoccerpollgenius-300x21145% for the USMNT?! Looks like Sam’s Army has been at it again? I hope? Come on guys, we all love Team USA to death, but seriously, are we expecting Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery to buy a summer home in Florida and pick up Residency or Citizenship? That would be nice but I don’t think so. Honestly who was participating in this poll,¬†kindergarteners and 1st graders? 13% for Brazil, 11% for Spain and 2% for the Netherlands and England? Fox Soccer trollers, You Just Went Full Retard.

With all that being said, let’s have some fun here:

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