Arsenal (Higuain) Update

Things have been moving frustratingly slow in the discussions for this Higuain signing for Arsenal, but now that Tevez is officially gone to Juventus; it SEEMS LIKE all but a done deal. This is just about as good as it can get for Arsenal (unless Wenger can somehow scoop up Rooney which we all know won’t really happen) and it looks like he is still seriously looking into Fellaini and Grenier, amongst other lower-level signings. He certainly has the money to spend this offseason, fucking hoarders that he and the board are. If they ended up with both Higuain and Fellaini it would be unreal. Love Fellaini’s game.

Higuain is entering the prime of his career at 25 and is the proven goalscorer Arsenal desperately need. They were able to spread the wealth last season in the EPL, with 4 players each notching over 10 goals, but the team needs the consistent force up top.

I know I’m not the only one who sees this as an IMMENSE improvement over Giroud as our guy up top. However, I know there are also tons of Giroud lovers so I may piss some people off when I say this: Every time I watch him I end up screaming at the TV. He is a cherry picker with a tremendous left foot, he can rarely create. I would love for Arsenal fans to show me a clip where he gives more than 50% effort. He will lose the ball and just throw his hands up in the air at least 5 times a game. Yes, he scored a good number of goals (mostly gimmes) last season, but for every goal he had, he had 3 easy sitters that he missed. No wonder it was so easy to find these pics when I typed in ‘Giroud’.

/end rant


giroud 2

giroud 3

giroud 4

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