Tahitian Aggregate Score in Confederations Cup: 1-24

CS86-Tahiti-Travel-PosterYahoo! Sports: Tahiti lost their three Confederations Cup group-stage matches by a combined score of 24-1, but being the gracious guests that they are, they still took the time to thank the host nation. Following their 8-0 loss to Uruguay, in which they surrendered the fastest goal in the Confederations Cup’s brief history (79 seconds, scored by Abel Hernandez), the Tahitian players held a large banner that read “Obrigado Brasil!” (thank you, Brazil) as they waved farewell.

As mentioned before; Tahiti’s inclusion in the Confederations Cup as champions of the Oceania Soccer Confederation should serve as a slap in the face to New Zealand and should also serve as a reminder of why no one should really care about anything that happens at this tournament. During the 3 matches played by Tahiti, they managed to score 1 measly goal and had 24 scored against them; how are we supposed to take them seriously? Maybe they should stick to what they’re good at and stay on the beach.

Imagine what their team flight home is gonna be like. Yikes. I don’t think they should be expecting any type of parade down Main Street. However they are lax enough that they probably won’t really care too much?  I hope they realize that in certain countries, a performance like this wouldn’t go unnoticed…if you know what I mean. But in all likelihood, they will probably just get off the plane, strap on their straw and coconut outfits, and entertain the living daylights out of a group of tourists.

That being said, here is every goal from their most recent epic loss to Uruguay, which ended at 8-0.

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