At Least You’re Having a Better Day Than Gus Poyet

Gus Poyet on the BBC

The Guardian: Gus Poyet will appeal against his sacking by Brighton and Hove Albion after finding out about his dismissal while working as a pundit for the BBC. “I think the BBC have a great story forever, because a manager getting information that he is being released from his employment by the BBC is quite surprising,” he said.

Poyet has been sacked after an internal disciplinary hearing at Brighton. The Uruguayan, part of the BBC’s Confederations Cup team, was informed that his tenure had come to an end only when a member of the broadcaster’s production team informed him when on air on Sunday evening.

Nice work Brighton and Hove Albion HR team, real smooth. I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t have dropped the ball any harder than this. I bet you’ve got all types of managerial candidates lining up at the gates over at Falmer Stadium right? No face-to-face firing? Maybe a telephone call? Email? Snapchat? This is like finding out that your girlfriend dumped you while you’re out to dinner with your parents; and having your mother deliver the news, absolutely BRUTAL. Of course since I wasn’t the one who was fired here, I find this absolutely hilarious as well, and it appears that the internet trolls have already done their dirty work on the now viral video. So enjoy.

Actual footage:

Trolls being trolls:

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