Messi Investigated for Tax Fraud


BBC: Barcelona’s footballer Lionel Messi and his father are being investigated in Spain for allegedly defrauding the state of more than 4m euros (£3.4m). The Argentina forward and his father, Jorge, are suspected of filing fraudulent tax returns for 2007-09, Spanish officials say.

Well well, what do we have hear?! Looks like our little hobbit friend doesn’t feel like paying his taxes! This story is just breaking now and details on the investigation are just starting to come out, but this does not look good for the squeaky clean Barcelona wonderboy. Nothing like a good old fashion tax audit to ruin a reputation! If proven guilty, I’m pretty sure there is no way around jail time even if you have Jackie Childs as your lawyer.

Listen no one on earth likes to pay their taxes, although I feel like liberals think taxes are the coolest, but when you’re a world famous football star you might as well just cough up the dough because we all know you have plenty of it. Also, goodluck getting away with not paying taxes in Spain bro! The country has basically been bankrupt for the past 4 years! If it we’rent for Merkel I’m pretty sure it’d be a failed state like the rest of the EU. Here’s my advice: Make like Falcao and sign with AS Monaco for your tax free paychecks; or fly to NYC, find yourself a Weinstein and get the right kind of tax advice. That could be why you got caught in the first place, not many Jewish accountants out in Catalonia.

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