Barcelona Seal the Deal and Bring in Neymar, Bayern Munich Immediately 1-Up Them

Barcelona-Bayern-Munich1After getting lit up by Bayern Munich in the Champions League Semi-Final, Barcelona knew that they had to go out and splash the cash if they wanted to take the Crown of Europe next season, so they went out and made a bid for Brazilian “sensation” Neymar for a sum of money estimated to be over €50 million ::cough ripoff cough:: Now Neymar does look like he is a pretty crafty forward, and if everything goes according to plan, Barcelona will be a goal scoring machine with the Messi/Neymar combo. But do you honestly think these two players are going to mesh well together? One player, is a ballhog, the other player, is an even bigger ball hog. Also, I’m mostly going off Neymar’s youtube videos to lay out my opinion of him, and we all know how Joey Barton feels about Neymar’s youtube videos:


I really couldn’t agree more with this statement. Neymar played his entire career for Santos in the Brazilian Serie A. He hasn’t regularly faced the tough and gritty defenses of the European powerhouses like Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG and Borussia Dortmund. The only time that he faces such opponents is when he plays for the Brazilian National Team against England, Germany and Spain. I’m just saying that after a full season of playing in La Liga, and also playing in the Champions League, Neymar is going to absolutely get his shit pushed in.

Bayern Munich’s reaction to this signing?


You wanna bring in some player who you call a “stud” and is pretty much untested in Euro? Fine, we’ll bring in arguably the best striker in all of Europe!! Lewandowski in the fucking Haus bitches!! It looks like Polish superstar Robert Lewandowski will be join traitor Mario Gotze and will be singing Stern Des Suden’s together at Allianz Arena next season, which will basically put them in for a lock in next years Champions League Final. Boom, Bayern Munich FTW!

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