Ronaldo/Mourinho Have Their “I’m Out” Moment, Fights Happen and Madrid (Atletico!) Wins Copa Del Rey

DeadspinAtlético Madrid pulled off a shocker in winning Spain’s Copa del Rey trophy today, upsetting favored Real Madrid in extra time and winning the national competition for the first time since 1996. They did this amidst a wild scene at Santiago Bernabéu that featured 15 bookings, a fight, and players being attacked by projectiles hurled by fans.


In what appears to be the La Liga equivalent to the FA Cup, Atletico Madrid have made a surprise coup de tat and taken the Lana Copa Del Rey title from Spanish favorites and local rivals Real Madrid in stunning fashion. Miranda headed home the winner for Atletico in the 98th minute of OT, and then all hell broke loose. Cristiano got a red card for apparently kicking Gabi in the face while on his way to the ground. You can be the judge of if he actually made contact with Gabi, but regardless it was pretty reckless and I guess sending him off was the right move. Perhaps this incident is a tell-tale sign that Cristiano in all seriousness, doesn’t wanna play anymore and is ready to put his big-boy shoes back on and play in the EPL. Can you really blame him though? Same thing goes for Mourinho who was sent off in the 78th minute after his constant barking at officials went a little too far. Honestly, how many fucks do you think Mourinho and Ronaldo have to give right now? They’re both probably having their agents book their respective flights back to the UK and their real estate agents have already been given the greenlight to site-on-scene purchases in Manchester and London.


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