That’s a Wrap: David Beckham Calls it a Day

david-beckham_2261463bDaily Mail: David Beckham has retired from football, bringing an end to a glittering career on the field. Since his debut for Manchester United two decades ago, the 38-year-old has emerged as arguably the most iconic sportsman of his generation, captaining his country, collecting 115 caps, and celebrated as a champion in four different countries – the only British footballer in history to do so.

This may be one of the darkest days here at CotW; David Beckham has played his last professional match. Say it ain’t so Becks!! Our main man David Beckham is hanging up his spikes and taking out the loafers. This is one of those announcements that you could see coming a mile (km? metric system?) away but you just didn’t want to address the inevitable, even though I felt like him playing in the MLS was basically his form of retirement, now it’s official. I wonder what his 401K looks like now? I sure hope he was diversified. I’m sure he’ll be living comfortably as he enters the new phase of his life.

Love him or hate him (are there seriously people out there who can hate this man?) it’s been one hell of a ride. Over two decades at footballs top level, he has played for 5 teams in 5 different countries, has won 10 league titles, and has made the entire female population of Earth (3,484,509,790) swoon at least once.

beckstatsThe next part of his career will focus on his new duties as the International Ambassador to the sport with a variety of organizations which include Sky Sports, Adidas, Unicef and he will be promoting football in China. So basically he is just going to be jetsetting across the globe for the rest of his life and smiling in front of cameras while he’s still pretty, which will probably be until his dying day. Guarantee this guy will still be a stud at 82; it’s not gay if it’s true. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me. Make an appearance here, sign an autograph there, slay a prostitute there, and there, and there; can’t argue with that! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; It’s David Beckham’s World and we’re all just living in it.

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