Messi To Miss Final 3 Weeks of Season

messidownESPN: Lionel Messi looks to have played his last Barcelona game of the season due to his persistent hamstring injury, but he may return in time for Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers in early June.  Messi limped out of Barca’s 2-1 Primera Division win at Atletico Madrid on Sunday evening, having appeared to suffer a recurrence of the muscle problem that has limited his contribution to the blaugrana cause in recent months.

Like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-offWhelp, good thing that Barcelona have already clinched the La Liga title because we all know how the final games are going to play out for this squad. “Pedro dribbles, dribbles, passes to Iniesta, holds it, holds it…loss of possession.” I’ve got a hot investment pick for our followers out there. If anyone wants to roll their 401K into a Betfair account, they can easily double their retirement savings over the next 3 weeks without too much exposure to risk simply by putting all of their money on the under because Barcelona literally cannot score without their Argentinian wonderkid. Seriously, this is safer than a Five Star Mutual Fund.

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