It Might Be Premature But LFC Will Win the EPL Next Season

bandwagonYeah, I might be going out on a long, not so sturdy, beehive infested limb here but I’m calling it now, the reemergence of LFC as a dominant force in Europe begins this August and I’m getting pretty damn excited about it. The biggest reason for my out of the blue/homer-like optimism? 2 Reasons:

  1. LFC will finally drop Stewart Downing from their squad. He really isn’t that bad in real life, but when I’m running up the sidelines in FIFA he can never beat the final defender and it drives me insane. So for the purposes of FIFA 2014, Brendan Rodgers should send him packing.
  2. I’m pretty sure that Liverpool have just found their Cole/Yorke striking force in the crafty Brazilian Coutinho and the sure footed, terrible celebrator Daniel Sturridge. They are both playing lights out right now in the absence of Steven Gerrard and Rat-Face Killah Luis Suarez and they are certainly the future of club.

Even with Suarez’s 6 game ban still enforced into next season, Liverpool seem to have found a combination that really works. Now I know Suarez had 23 goals this season, and that he very well may have had more goals if he had packed a snack to eat before last months match vs Chelsea, but LFC should really weigh out their options on him over the summer. He is an incredible footballer who knows how to find the back of the net; but when he is in, it’s almost like all of the balls have to funnel in to him and on days when he isn’t on top of his game, LFC usually miss out of 3 points. You have to ask yourself what would be better for the club? A 20+ goal scoring, ball hogging, cannibal psychopath, or a cool £30 million that they could use to add in talent around their younger stars. Regardless of what happens with Suarez over the summer, I can guarantee you that we will be seeing plenty more of this at Anfield in 2013-2014:

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