16 Dutch Fans Hospitalized After Eating Space Cakes

space_cakeFox Soccer: Sixteen fans fell ill during the match, including the owner of the box, and passed out in the stands. Ambulances were called to the stadium and tests revealed that the fans had eaten space cake. A club spokesman told the press they have no clue how these space cakes made it into the corporate box. An investigation is currently underway to find out how the marijuana got into the fans’ systems.

tumblr_inline_mmk2xyeKoj1qz4rgpI don’t see how a club spokesman is surprised that these tasty pastries got their way into the stadium. This is the Netherlands afterall right? What I find to be more surprising is how these treats managed to be so potent that they actually kicked in during a 90 minute soccer match and then promptly put 16 people in the hospital. Christ on a Bike kids, learn how to handle yourselves. I’m not claiming to know all there is to know about THC infused snacks, but during my college days in Vermont, it would take about 2 hours to start feeling loosey goosey and then the next 10 hours were, in order; awesome, incredible, fuzzy, wozey, scary, terrifying, gonna be sick, sick. Now the last two phases usually happen around hour 8 after consumption, so either these people woke up at 8 am and ingested these baked goods or they were the most potent scoobie snacks on earth. Either way, keep doing you Netherlands, keep doing you.


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