Chelsea Early Frontrunners in Pole Scorer Sweepstakes?


Caught Offside: Chelsea’s pursuit of fresh attacking options has reportedly taken them to Borussia Dortmund as the Blues are ready to make an offer for in-form Pole Robert Lewandowski. The Blues are apparently set to offer €25m (£21m) as well as Belgian Kevin de Bruyne in part exchange for the 24 year old Bundesliga ace, a deal that Jurgen Klopp may well be amenable to.

Well this would certainly rustle some feathers in next year’s EPL campaign. Lewandowski to Chelsea? I didn’t really see this one coming. Let’s hope this just stays at rumor level and that nothing comes of it. I could take him going just about any club in the Premier League but him going to Chelsea just rubs me the wrong way. Everyone hates Chelsea right? Am I alone here? Fortunately, I’m seeing some holes in this rumor and I’m not going to buy into it just yet.

  1. There is no way on earth that a Pole would ever work for a Russian. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten very familiar with the Poles and their culture and one of the biggest trends that I’ve noticed is that Poles can’t stand Russians! For some reason, it seems that they have forgiven the Germans for their indiscretions, but the Russians still rub them the wrong way. Lewandowski will not work for Abramovich and his blood oil money.
  2. Lewandowski isn’t going to need a massive salary in order to be satisfied. Have you looked at the Euro to Zloty currency exchange lately? If he were to make €5 million, it would be over 20,000,000 PLN. He would literally be living like a king back in Warsaw if he wasn’t already.  When I went out to dinner last year in Poznan, PL; we ordered 4 rounds of beer for 6 people, two large pizzas and desert and the bill came to $30 USD. This currency exchange is a friend of those who want to get Lewandowski at a reasonable salary  after paying the initial transfer fee.
  3. The final reason why I don’t see this going through is simple. Chelsea doesn’t have any other Polish footballers on the squad, and that isn’t going to go over too well for Lewandoski. Right now at Borussia Dortmund, he is surrounded by national teammates Jakub Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek. This helps his overall comfort level and it makes sense. I’m throwing out a sleeper pick right now for where Lewandowski will land next season, and if he is EPL bound, I think it’ll be…..drumroll….at the Emirates! Arsenal are home to two Polish internationals, Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski and they are also looking to fill in the void that Van Persie left behind.

So that’s how I feel about this supposed “rumor” of Lewandowski heading to Chelsea.

PS: How shitty does Kevin De Bruyne feel about this potential deal? Literally just the sugar on top if the €25,000,000 cup of transfer coffee.

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