Meanwhile, In Russia…

The Guardian: Match officials often face a torrent of abuse from angry players and on some occasions the attacks can turn violent. Rarely are the roles reversed, yet the Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov lost his composure in a Russian fixture on Sunday and launched a vicious assault on one of the players.

The incident occurred at the end of a Russian league reserve game in Grozny between Amkar Perm and Terek Grozny when a raging Kadyrov dropped his flag and ran on to the pitch, attacking startled defender Ilya Krichmar.

Fucking Chechnyan’s man. I feel like the good Chechnyan’s (if there are any) have gotta be upset about this. Their international reputation has taken quite a beating over the past few weeks and this doesn’t help. I’m not even mad at Russia here. It’s not their fault. If you think that Putin isn’t hatching a plan as we speak to eradicate the Chechnyan people from Earth then you’re uninformed and fooling yourself. His only hurdle is figuring out how to get 1.25 million people onto trains to Siberia without the media and masses finding out. He’s already got the Russian media in his pocket, so he’ll probably do this and then release a random photo gallery of himself doing silly things to distract our attention. Oh Putin, you dog you.

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