Phase 2: The Quest for the Angela Merkel Bowl Continues

Famous-Soccer-Supporters-Angela-MerkelWell yesterday should have left you with no doubt that Bayern Munich will be advancing to the Champions League final after they completely destroyed Barcelona at the Allianz Area 4-0.  Now we move on the phase 2 of our Quest for the Angela Merkel Bowl: Dortmund vs Real Madrid.

Now this will be a much taller task for today’s German side. Going up against a very healthy Real Madrid side who are hungry to recognition after being left in Barcelona’s shadows for most of the La Liga season. It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Dortmund the underdog in this situation; however they do have a few weapons up their sleeve which should make this matchup very competitive. I’m really looking forward to how the Westfalenstadion (lol Germans) faithful react to Mario Gotze after he went all Benedict Arnold on them this week when he accepted a July move to rivals Bayern Munich. But I don’t think this will phase Robert Lewandowski and co. After their Quarter-Final miracle against Malaga I think that anything is possible with this squad. And obviously they will have the most powerful woman in the world cheering them on, plotting for world footy domination. Because Bundeliga club songs are the new hotness right now, I will leave you with Einlaufmusik/Heja BVB. Enjoy

UPDATE: Dortmund fans not taking the news about Mario Gotze very well.

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