Luis Suarez Banned 10 Matches for Biting Incident

odd_suarez_bite_1ESPN: The England Football Association issued Liverpool forward Luis Suarez a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during a Premier League match on Sunday.

Club managing director Ian Ayre said: “Both player and club are shocked and disappointed by the severity. We await the written reasons tomorrow before making any further comment.” Suarez has until midday on Friday to appeal the additional suspension above the standard three matches.


Thanks a lot jackass. Not only will this make the remaining 4 LFC games of the season more miserable than usual, now we have to go without his services for the first 6 games of next season? Jesus Christ! Cancul Da Saeson. How on earth do you become a REPEAT OFFENDER when it comes to biting another opponent? He is completely insane right? Like there are absolutely no questions on this. How does one think “Hmm, I want to hurt this person…I know what I’ll do, I’ll bite him in front of a sold out Anfield crowd, hundreds of cameras and millions of fans across the world!” Why on earth don’t you just do the normal thing and get a solid cheapshot in there? In the form of an elbow, punch, kick? No? That doesn’t do it for you?

So I guess it’ll be the Sturridge show for the next 10 games? I mean I love this guy, but he will definitely need some support. John Henry, looking at you here. Spend so money this summer for the love of God! I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but: Is it time to let Suarez leave Anfield?

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