So Much For an El Clasico Final


Later Barca! Time for Messi and co to go back to the Shire! That was straight up embarrassing!! This game was one sided from the kickoff. Barcelona held on to some good possession but could never seem to break Bayern’s backline (which I will now dub the Iron Curtain) for a shot on goal; they only had 4! On the other end, Bayern’s offense (which I will now call the 4th Reich) were an absolute war machine with 15 shots on goal, netting 4!

The best goal had to be Robben taking Barcelona to Dangle City (granted Muller laid out Alba, but I don’t care) by running into the box while simultaneously holding R2, rotating his right joystick 360 degrees clockwise, tapping R1, pivots then holds L1 and left on his left joystick to curl the 3rd goal of the match around Valdes. Brilliant!

I also loved seeing Barcelona cry like babies because they weren’t getting any calls from the refs, it literally made today that much sweeter. Always walking around like their shit dont stink; well that doesn’t fly at the Allianz bitches. Goodluck scoring 5 goals against the Iron Curtain in the next matchup.

I will leave you with the Bayern Munich team song, Stern Des Sudens, in techno form (obviously); enjoy!

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