It’s Bayern vs Barca and Nothing Else Matters

bayern_barcelona_v1365763044Crushing this game in the cubicle for the rest of the day. Champions League Semi Final from the Allianz Arena – The Mighty Germans vs. Messi and His Fellow Hobbits – The Diving Pansies vs The Iron Fist – The Road to the Angela Merkel Bowl continues — The Chammmpppppioooonnnnnssss.

champions league

It’s pretty obvious where my alliances are in this game considering the fact that I can’t stand Barcelona. I’m pretty much just relishing in the role of being a Barca hater, with their great passing, shooting, possession and diving skills. I fully know that every bandwagon footyfan and his mother will no doubt be pulling for the Spanish side. And I get that. It’s like little kids becoming Dallas Cowboys fans in the early 1990’s. But eventually you’ve gotta grow up.


All kidding aside, an all German Final for the Champions of Europe would make sense though wouldn’t it? Let’s be straight here, Germany is holding the EU together. If Merkel queefs the wrong way the entire Union would collapse. The Germans deserve this. I’m also pretty certain that Spain’s “economy” (lolz) relies on tourism and football kit sales, so I’m having trouble taking them seriously. Merkel Bowl all day.


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