So FIFA and Sepp Blatter’s Twitter Accounts Were Hacked Today

sepp_blatter_qatarJoe: Everyone’s favourite footballing organisation and its president have been hacked on Twitter, with hilarious results. Sepp Blatter doesn’t do himself or his public relations people any favours with his pronouncements in the media about women’s football, resistance to technology and that time he took the piss out of Ireland after the Thierry Henry incident.

However, he might at least get some new followers on Twitter today after both his and FIFA’s official accounts were hacked and some pretty compromising tweets were posted up.

This is fantastic. I’m pretty sure that FIFA is the most corrupt sporting government on the planet right? At the very least it is on the same level of corruptness as the NCAA and NBA. Regardless, gotta love the balls on the person(s) who went after Blatter. Can’t stand this guy. Maybe it was Suarez? I don’t know, I feel like computers might be a bit out of his league mentally.

I think that we can all agree that the World Cup Announcement ceremony in 2010 was one of the most un-sly and obvious examples of bribery in recent sporting history. The field was insane: Belgium/Netherlands, England, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Australia, Japan, Qatar, South Korea and the United States. How on earth do you pick the two John Snow’s out of that group?

“Oh Russia and Qatar will be getting the 2018 and 2022 World Cups? Yea that checks out, those are very reputable locations with a large soccer following.”

Sepp hacked tweet 4



Rumour: Whispers are currently swirling that the FIFA World Cup 2026 location is set to be in Vatican City!!!

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