Dr. Creepy Essentially Has No Idea What He’s Doing


ESPN: Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre has revealed club owner John W Henry has approached Premier League rivals Manchester United and Arsenal for tips on running the Anfield club. Liverpool languishes in seventh position in the table, a massive 31 points behind league leaders United while Arsenal sits 10 points above the Reds.

And in a bid to move Liverpool further up the table, Ayres told Sports Illustrated that both Henry and chairman Tom Werner have spoken to United and Arsenal respective chief executives David Gill and Ivan Gazidis about ways to improve the club.

Whelp, its official; John Henry and Co have absolutely no idea what they’re doing as owners of the floundering Liverpool Football Club. Going to David Gill and Ivan Gazidis for advice?! Are you kidding me?!! They could have gotten the most valuable info for footy success if they rang up the folks over at City of Manchester Stadium.

If you fail to realize that money solves everything in soccer, then you really have no business being here. You aren’t going to turn a team full of platoon players into the Champions of Europe. Hey John and Tom, what happened when you pumped ridiculous amounts of cash into the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007? Oh, you won the World Series during those seasons? Well isn’t that an interesting coincidence, you twats. SPEND SPEND SPEND. You don’t have enough money and you’re strapped with too much debt? Solution: LFC, put that ticker on the NYSE and I will buy the living shit out of it. If you cannot wrap your mind around this concept, please sell the team, preferably to a Saudi Prince. I’m already working him on that angle via Twitter.


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