Joey Barton Weekly Twitter Beef: Piers Morgan/Margaret Thatcher/Marseille









Our favorite twitter badboy is at it again!! In a matter of hours, Joey B successfully attacked Piers Morgan, Margaret Thatcher and Marseille. Clearly the most entertaining battle was with Piers Morgan, who stepped in to defend Margaret Thatcher, because you know…she’s dead.

Barton started his whole rant on Thatcher by being one of the first to speak up about the former Prime Minister’s passing, by stating that she was “an old witch.”








Into which Piers Morgan responded with: (I kind of like him calling Barton Le Pitbull)










Then the feud went of for hours…literally. Barton landed some jabs when he mentioned Piers Morgan’s phone hacking scandal, his privileged upbringing, politics, and attacking his overall fatness.  Here are some of the highlights:



















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