Who is That Masked Man?


Well what do we have here? Playing like garbage since he arrived at Stamford Bridge, and then all of the sudden he takes a shot to the nose and dons this weird looking Zorro-like mask, and them boom, he turns into 2008-2009 Torres and gets all Nando-Tastic on us again. Maybe this mask is his new goodluck charm? Maybe it helps hide his shame from the past 2 Chelsea campaigns? One things for sure, commentators all across the footy landscape have gotta be pumped about his return to form. How long do you think this broadcaster has been waiting for his “Tooorrrrrrrrrrrrrees” orgasm moment? Gary Neville’s was still better, but FIFA 2014 might as well just ctrl+ v ctrl+c their 2009 soundbites for Torres now.

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