Gareth Bale Does His Best Kevin Ware


Pshh. Come on Bale, walk that shit off. I’m sorry, but I’m just not that impressed by this one. I feel like the horror of watching Kevin Ware’s leg snap off on Easter Sunday has desensitized me to sports injuries, and the only way to top this is going to have to be straight up death mid game. Until that happens, Kevin Ware is the all-time gross injury champ.

That being said, this is a real punch in the nuts for Tottenham and it’s supporters. Your best player just went out in the middle of a fight for a Champions League spot in a Goddamn Europa League fixture. Chelsea, Arsenal and even Everton have gotta be pumped about this; which will certainly increase their odds of slipping in for top 4 finish.

UPDATE: We have word into CotW headquarters that Gareth Bale is being worked on by top doctors and will hopefully make a return to the pitch by the end of the season.


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