Galatasaray Hooligans Attack TV Station

Today Zaman: A group of Galatasaray fans stormed the Beyaz TV building in İstanbul early on Tuesday after several commentators called it highly unlikely that the Turkish club will advance to semi-finals in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League.  Unsatisfied, the fans stormed the building and assaulted security guards. The fans entered the building and moved on until they reached the studio but could not gain access to the room where the commentators were debating. Unable to reach the commentators, the fans then left the building and dispersed. One of the security officers was heavily injured and is receiving treatment in hospital.







Galatasaray fans doing it big again!! Another move by this group that I absolutely love. “Oh, some pundits don’t think our retirement community team have a shot against one of the best in the world? Fuck ’em, let’s riot!” I feel like if I ever said anything bad about their team, they would hop on a flight and 8 hours later be in my office lobby asking for the location of my cubicle. So let it be known, I fully support your squad and angry mobs.

The best part of this act of hooliganism is that it was all caught on CCTV (Big Brother/1984/Ingsoc/V for Vendetta/Obama). In the grainy footage, you can clearly see this angry mob beating the living daylights out of employees of the station, using anything they could get their hands on; ie, sticks, rocks, road cones and Turkish street missiles aka trash. Apparently the mob broke through the security checkpoints at the station and got all the way to the studio door when they realized that they didn’t have access to the room where the commentators were debating. So at that point, they decided that they didn’t want to play anymore and went home. Personally I think they should have taken this to the next level and obtained a hostage to get into the studio room, but I guess they had already made their point. With all this being said, do you guys really think you have a chance at beating Ronaldo and Co this afternoon?

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