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Week 2: Road to the Merkel Bowl

We’re only a mere 90 minutes away from Borussia Dortmund paving the way to an all German Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium, aka, the Merkel Bowl.  Real Madrid will be in need of a miracle if they are to … Continue reading

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New Ronaldo Rumours are Swirling

There is news out of The Sun this morning of a fresh race to sign Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United.  Speculation has been strong over the past few months of where Ron will end up this … Continue reading

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Carragher to Join Sky Sports in a Punditry Role Next Season

Jamie Carragher, the lifelong Scouser and career Liverpudlian, announced his retirement earlier this year after a successful and very respectable time in the northwest.  Some footballers choose to go off into the sunset after a successful career and remain relatively quiet, some … Continue reading

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Balotelli to Pimp Out His GF to Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has a tough game coming up in the Champions League this week.  After being dismantled by Borussia Dortmund last week, they are down 4-1 on aggregate and go into their home leg of the tie needing a miracle. … Continue reading

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Rapid Ultras Have a Message For Management

Who Ate All The Pies: Peeved at the decidedly average 2012/13 season their side have muddled through this term, a group of Rapid Vienna fans staged a protest at the club’s general offices in the Austrian capital by building a … Continue reading

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Quick Debate:

Is this the worst signature goal celebration of all time?  

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Meanwhile, In Russia…

The Guardian: Match officials often face a torrent of abuse from angry players and on some occasions the attacks can turn violent. Rarely are the roles reversed, yet the Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov lost his composure in a Russian fixture … Continue reading

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Bale Gets PFA Double; TOTY Announced

Gareth Bale, noted greatest human being to ever have lived, just picked up the PFA Player of the Year award as well as the PFA Young Player of the Year award.  Well done to him, we here at CotW definitely … Continue reading

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When Messi Dribbles Into the Box and a Breeze Rolls in I…

Well I guess we have our goal of the week. What’s the best way to get over a 4-0 loss to the Big Red Machine/Forth Reich? Scoring an outrageous ball-hogging goal against Bilbao and bringing Ray Hudson to his knees/vinegar … Continue reading

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Buttcheek of the Week

Time for another installment of CheeksoftheWeeks Buttcheek of the Week.  I thought this week I’d bring something special and double-down on the butt cheeks.  We again missed a week of butt cheeks last week due to a couple dick heads … Continue reading

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