So I Guess We’re Paying Off Refs Now? I’m Okay With That

Uncle Sam flippin the bird














USA USA USA! Well, I’ll take it! Sorry Mexico, you win some, you lose some, you tie some, and you get completely screwed out of calls some. This game was probably not too easy for the Mexican’s to stomach considering that the refs completely blew two penalty calls, but silly calls have been known to follow the United States in World Cup Competition and it’s good to see them finally going in our favor. This match was a battle through and through and somehow, Jürgen Klinsmann’s defense and Brad Guzan, which I will now dub the 4th Reich, held the line and repeatedly stonewalled Chicharito and Co for what was an incredibly entertaining 0-0 Draw. This is only the second time that Team USA has earned points at the Azteca and they are now sitting pretty in the CONCACAF WCQ standings going into their matches against Jamaica (lolz) on June 7th and Panama on June 11th.


On a side note: ESPN’s coverage of this game was hilarious. They named the USA vs Mexico most intense rivalry in the World; clearly they haven’t heard of that whole snafu going on between North Korea and South Korea or that Gaza situation.

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