David Beckham Does His Best John Terry


MSN: David Beckham has had to recover from an embarrassing fall during his recent visit to China. The soccer superstar, obviously not dressed for the occasion, hit the deck when taking a kick at a practice session in Wuhan, Hubei province. The fall happened as the 37-year-old took part in a five-day visit to China as the country’s new ambassador for the sport.









Poor Beck’s. I mean clearly this wasn’t his fault. I’m guessing there was a manufacturing error at a Calvin Klein sweatshop factory and those gripless shoes somehow made it off the line, were shipped to Paris and fell into David Beckham’s possession. I really hope someone gets fired for this. What you don’t see here is where the ball went after he kicked it, which we can be certain curled into the upper left 90 past a fully extended keeper, but the media doesn’t want to focus on that. No need to worry though; what does Beck’s do to get the Chinese Media distracted, confused and back on his side that very same day? He simply pops his top off to show his Chinese tattoo and impregnates half the country in doing so. Absolute PR genius. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: It’s David Beckham’s World and We’re All Just Living In It.

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